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It's a dark, gangster and totally unfair scheme. If the potential borrower has decided to purchase a vacation property in this way, a potential borrower is to start looking not financial institutions, and reputable construction company that is willing to provide such services. And it's perfectly legal, but completely unfair. But when the inheritance is passive part sometimes plays the most active role. As a rule, in the office of the institution to a potential borrower will provide the phone number of the financial institution partner, which he will be able to get a wide range of information about conditions of granting of the loan, interest rate and other important aspects. By the way, to abandon a legacy in someone's favor can be in the case where the heir has accepted the inheritance. The Bank approves his application, but includes in the credit agreement a lump sum payment for the issuance of money. ...

However, if the Bank is not going to meet you have to go to court. In other words, to pay the loan all heirs have accepted the inheritance, to avoid this will not succeed. The Bank is also a possible violation.

Moreover, the loyalty of financial institutions in creating these tandem can reach such proportions that they are ready to offer our potential borrowers loans at favorable interest rate, which will be issued against collateral in the form of real estate under construction. For example, the amount of this payment of 10%. However, if the Bank is not going to meet you have to go to court.